About Me

Danny is an independent author who is also a computer programmer. Or is it programmer who is also an author? He lives in Florida with his wife, three daughters, and two dogs.
His fascination with science fiction began May 25th, 1977 seeing the original Star Wars movie on opening day. As an eight-year-old kid at the time, he was totally blown away by the flick and saw it another twenty-one times on the big screen! Since then, it has been a non-stop flood of sci-fi.

Yes, he watched every episode Babylon 5, Andromeda, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Battle Star Galactica (both versions), Firefly (love it!), Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, Alien, and on and on. If it had aliens or space ships in it, it was going to be watched at least once.

This interest in science fiction spilled over to an interest in computing technology. As an owner of an Atari 800 (yes, you can stop laughing now), he had an early start in exposure to computing technology. His big brother had one of the first five megabyte (yes, 5MB) drives in the state of Louisiana for his TRS-80 Model IV. As you may have guessed, interest in technology runs in the family. Their home was flooded with floppy disks. Though his time period barely missed punch-cards and 8” floppies, 5.25” were plentiful. Later he graduated to x86, then 286, 386, 486, and boy, history was made with the Pentium processor! And Windows 95 release day? He was there at midnight for his copy on opening day!

As a graduate of Louisiana State University in Computer Science, he learned all there was in the dark ages of computing (circa 1990) about artificial intelligence programming (LISP and Prolog) and languages being developed by the department of defense (ADA is still one of the coolest languages).

As he was later married and had three beautiful daughters (and two dogs), there was always the need to work to earn actual money while he awaited the United States government to colonize the moon…still waiting. As such he engaged in employment utilizing his skills as a computer programmer. Having developed database systems for client-server environments and web-based systems for decades now, he decided to stretch his legs into the area of creating those stories that always fascinated him.