Snippet 2 of Book 2: Rumors of Wars

“THE GREAT THAW!” read one headline. “THE ICE AGE IS OVER!” read another. “IF SHE SEES HER SHADOW WILL SHE GO BACK INTO HIDING!” read yet another.

Rick just sat there, snickering.

“You don’t think you’re newsworthy?”


He laughed some more.

Rick had met her in her suite after he caught the news that she caught the news.

“I don’t want to be news!” she exclaimed.

“Ha, you are, High Queen,” he said with another grin. This comment earning him a couch pillow thrown his direction.

“Look,” he started. “The people just want to know you. You are interesting. And you are the most powerful woman there is!”

“Is that why you are interested?”

I walked into that one, Rick grimaced.

“I’ve always seen you, Jackie. Past the green glowy eye thing, past the reigning fire down on your enemies thing. I will admit, I find that part incredibly attractive! But honestly, I’ve always just seen Jacqueline Campo, the woman. The woman I can identify with. The woman whom I will go any length for. The woman I will wait an eternity for.”

That shut her up.

“I am difficult, aren’t I?”

New tactical plan. Don’t guilt her, he quickly thought.

“You’re hurt,” he said calmly. “The past hurt you. You now have this heritage you were previously unaware of, and now you are thrust into the seat of power. I know your world is spinning right now. It is not difficult for me to care about you, so don’t go there.”

She calmed down, then sat on the couch.

Crisis averted.

“Seeing the news was perhaps startling to know you’re part of it, and areas of your life that you wish to remain private are right there for all to see,” he said.

“They had a picture of us kissing on the front page of fifteen publications. And those are the ones I could find.”

“Okay, so what? They saw that you are capable of caring, this isn’t something I needed to be informed about, but some nasty rumors were flying around concerning you. This helps people to see you as more like them.”

She took a deep breath.

“You would really wait an eternity for me?” she asked with sheepish eyes.

“Yes!” he quickly answered, knowing hesitation would cost him. Besides, he did feel that way.