Snippet 1 of Book 2: Rumors of Wars

I was dead, and am alive again. I have delivered them from the evil ones. Yes, they will love me, they will worship me!

Jackie remembered that seductive thought, after saving the Commonwealth’s home planet of Wellington, her body at the time flowing with incredible power, seductive power.

I remember my neck snapping after we were struck with a skip-jack beforehand, I hit the ceiling so hard.

She grimaced, thinking of her death when the highly illegal missile hit the WFS Nemesis. It was her sentient AI, residing in her head using a multi-dimensional quantum computer, that flooded her body with tiny little machines to perform critical repairs and restart her heart.

Who would have ever thought I’d have nanites, and they could perform an emergency resurrection?

Sprawled out in bed at her cheap hotel, Jackie just looked out the window and sighed.

At least here they leave me alone.

She had reached so far up, having been the executive officer on a ratty little destroyer, then by a fluke of destiny it seemed, she was the XO on the newest, most modern ship in the Westerly Federation, the Nemesis. Then savior of the capital planet for an allied empire.

Doesn’t matter, they threw me away anyway.

What a rush! Playing such a pivotal role in one of the most important battles in the past few decades. At the Battle of Wellington, she discovered she was like a mythical bird able to rise from the ashes.

And they still dismissed me. I barely escaped a dishonorable discharge!

After annihilating tens of thousands of enemies with her abilities, having genetic access to a previously unknown power that was under the crust of that world, she had overcome the temptation to use that use it to seize control over the kingdoms of men. Her reward was being booted from the military.

Perhaps I could use my powers to make them kiss my butt.

She sighed again. It used to be the hunt for justice that was her driving force, knowing she was making life safer for families, for children. Piracy was on the rise, and what pirates did to families, what they did to her family…These past few days, the only pleasure she felt had come from the drug highlights, of which she had been injecting an ample supply.

I have all the power of a god, and where has that got me?

She shoved the pure white hair out of her face, and tied the rubber band around the alabaster white skin on her right bicep, then picked up the needle with her left hand and injected herself again with that wonderful drug that kept her from dreaming.
As she released the band the high from the drug was felt immediately, her body was suddenly feeling oh so good. Closing her emerald green eyes, she drifted off into a dreamless sleep, for which she was thankful. For in her dreams her enemies were there…in her dreams, she was the hunted…in her dreams, she watched her family die a violent death again and again…in her dreams all she knew was terror.